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By Entrepreneur Lady Hustler Agency

Ryma Krimi aka The Lady Hustler- Get Clients Online Program

My name is Ryma Krimi:  Founder of Entrepreneur Lady Hustler. I am a proud owner of this inspirational Marketing Firm

I am a 37 years old wife, mom, friend, sister and hustler living currently in the beautiful city named Montreal, Canada.

I travelled the world since the age of one and lived, worked, studied in so many countries from Tunisia, Japan, China, Greece, UAE , Denmark, Italy, Canada and more…an eye-opening and unbelievable experience, beauty, and opportunities.

In fact, my vision in this industry is coming from MIX of so many mentors, clients, cultures, and strategies learned, applied in so many countries and industries.

Providing a strategic viewpoint to help build successful marketing strategies: Client Management, Analytics, Big Data, etc. 
Implementing marketing tech to build your brand and increase sales: social media, community management, marketing automation, sales automation, email marketing, SEO, paid search, content marketing
and more.

Generating visual assets that appeal to your key audiences: digital design, packaging, advertising, video, photography, infographics, etc. 

Planning and executing effective events that make an impact: event design, event marketing, event logistics and more. 
Building experiences that enhance brands, drive sales, and improve reputation
Entrepreneur Lady Hustler serves multiple market segments (verticals). These include luxury beverages, travel, food, services, law firm, agriculture & land, health & wellness, and public policy/government.


Client Management & Analytics 

You want results when building a marketing program. But how do you know what results you need?

Many marketing companies will gladly take your money and execute any activities you desire. That’s not us. You need a partner you can trust who has your best interests at heart.

We’re your marketing partner, and our job is to help you grow and succeed. That is why we take a holistic approach to client management.

We help you set goals and objectives. We audit, plan, set strategy, execute, and measure. There is no relationship more important than the one we build with you.


The Facebook Ads Secrets

Social Media Marketing is a key activity for you to engage with customers and prospects. The thing is, most of you are doing it wrong. You may view social as another advertising platform, or a place to promote sales. Most of us don’t like being sold to 24/7.

In addition, the content you generate may be too generic and not on brand message. We see this a lot. Engagement is the answer. Creating interesting, engaging content is the path to success.

Truly engaged fans become the influencers you need to spread the word about your brand and drive traffic both online and on-site.


While Social Media Marketing and Community Management share some overlap, each has a distinct intention. Community Management is the process of creating a community in an effort to make the community stronger.

This usually means attracting new people to a community, reaching out to older or inactive community participants to bring them back into the fold, or giving more opportunities for current community participants to engage with one another. Community Management is about customer retention, customer attraction, and increasing brand reputation.


How much time do you or your staff spend on mundane, repetitive marketing tasks? What if you could automate some of those, freeing up time to focus more on big picture items? Marketing Automation is a powerful tool that is little used in the products and service business. 

You can generate more leads by identifying anonymous web visitors and capturing them with forms; Increase the number of qualified leads by nurturing with personalized content; Drive more sales by identifying sales-ready customers; Encourage repeat purchase by developing and retaining existing customers; Track ROI for marketing tactics by tracking the entire process from end-to-end.



How effective are your emails? Despite the rise of social media and unsolicited spam (which is never a good marketing strategy, by the way), email remains the most effective way to nurture leads and turn them into customers.

Their conversion rate and ROI are high. The problem is that this can be very time consuming, and most companies aren’t able to track their effectiveness. We can. Not only that, through a set of digital tools, we can set up email workflows to better automate the process and make you more efficient.



We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase, ” Content is King.” It’s true. The way we all shop today has evolved. We want to be informed and feel a connection to the brands we like. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. Content is key to making Social Media Marketing, SEO, Inbound Marketing, and PR most effective.


event marketing

Hosting an event is only part of the process. Getting people through the door can be the real challenge. Your event marketing effort may be your one and only chance to reach your target audience. Based on 20+ years of marketing events, we know how to help you pick the right targets, know where to reach those targets, develop materials to motivate participation, and follow up to encourage attendance.

event logistics

Your guests might not be aware of all the details of organization, but they all add up to create a remarkable event experience. While the details of event logistics are often small, they can have a big impact on the success of your event. When event logistics go wrong, the only thing a guest remembers is the one negative moment they had – even if it was something minor. You need a partner you can trust – one who’s done it hundreds of times and know what to look out for.

“Ms. Ryma Krimi has been my business strategist for close to a year and has been the reason for my leveling up and my success. I come from a position of several decades of business experience both as an entrepreneur of a successful international manufacturing & export company, and as a blue chip stockbroker, and a financier in a commercial bank.

The most outstanding quality of Ms. Krimi is her integrity and expertise in international business. This hard-earned wisdom is a result that goes beyond her education and superior qualifications. Her qualities are innate. She has a keen sense of identifying potential opportunities that were previously overlooked by others, identifying any problems, and providing creative solutions and the tools to carry them out.”

offering the marketing services and expertise your business needs.

Leveraging nearly 20 years of marketing and public relations experience, we’ve built solutions and strategies that will help you save time, decrease costs, build your brand, and sell your products and services faster.

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